TENA Standard Length Liners
  • TENA Standard Length Liners

TENA Standard Length Liners

Light Liners
Drops and Dribbles

6 packs of 30 liners

Great all round protection


Comparable to a regular period liner in size but specifically designed to manage small bladder leakage associated with a cough, laugh or sneeze. They’re also ideal for the gym, running or other high impact sports which can trigger leaks.

Designed with BodyShape™ fit for better security and breathable fabric for comfort, these liners also have Fresh Odour Control™ that prevents odours from developing.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      Very light stress incontinence – just a few drops

    • Key Points

      Just in case’ when sneezing, laughing or coughing

    • Key Points

      Sport and high impact exercise

    • Key Points

      Light bladder weakness during or following pregnancy