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Understanding Incontinence

How male incontinence products help men

Are you a male struggling with incontinence? You're not alone.


Published by Suz Disher

Don's experience with male incontinence

Don shares his experience with incontinence and how he stays in control with TENA Men incontinence products; designed and engineered just for men. 

Don says "When I reel in that big fish it sometimes does put pressure on my bladder and sometimes there is a problem, but again the products are there if I need them, and when I need them."

Knowing the Men’s incontinence products are there if he needs them gives him the confidence to do the things he loves.

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Male Incontinence Products 

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If you are experiencing incontinence or bladder weakness, seek help from a doctor or physiotherapist to understand your treatment options. We’ll support you while you work towards getting on top of your condition.