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Understanding Incontinence

Tony’s message to Kiwi men dealing with incontinence

Tony shares his experience with prostate cancer and discusses an issue many men don’t feel comfortable talking about, incontinence.

Take a moment to listen to Tony’s inspiring story and his message to other men dealing with incontinence.

Published by Suz Disher

Tony's prostate cancer journey

Meet Tony Walker today who tells us a little bit about his experience with prostate cancer. Tony discusses an issue that no man usually wants to talk about - incontinence.


57 year old Tony from Australia is the CEO of Ambulance Victoria. At the age of 47 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had early treatment to remove his prostate. One of the side effects he experienced was incontinence following his surgery. Fortunately, he had a great surgeon, nurse practitioner and physiotherapist who looked after him and helped him through his journey to get back to normal confidence.


10 years on, he still has issues with stress incontinence and has to wear a small pad each day to manage symptoms. Through the use of good men’s incontinence products, he has the confidence to live a full, happy and active life.


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If you are experiencing incontinence or bladder weakness, seek help from a doctor or physiotherapist to understand your treatment options. We’ll support you while you work towards getting on top of your condition.