A worldwide leader in products for bladder weakness.

Trusted by millions, for over 60 years we’ve been creating discreet feminine pads, underwear and pants, masculine shields and other effective solutions for this surprisingly common problem. By doing so, people of all ages the world over, can continue to enjoy the active, fulfilling life they deserve.

TENA is a brand of Essity, a leading personal care and hygiene company that operates in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The company manufactures, markets, distributes and sells essential, everyday consumer products across the feminine hygiene, incontinence hygiene, baby hygiene, consumer tissue and professional hygiene product categories. Some of the company’s brands have been in the market for over 60 years and its products are used daily in households and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and a number of other countries in the Pacific.
TENA is committed to the idea that bladder weakness is a condition that can be improved or better managed and shouldn’t stop people from leading a full and happy life. This idea is at the core of everything we do: whether we're developing products and services, promoting best practices for care within healthcare residential homes, increasing awareness of pelvic floor strengthening programs or broadening public understanding. It’s about providing better care.
In our aging society, more and more people have greater care needs, whether they live at home with their loved ones, or in professional residential care. For caregiving relatives, bladder weakness care can be a physically, emotionally and economically demanding role. We provide the best advice, support and products possible to help them deliver the best quality of life for themselves as well as the ones they care for.

The TENA mission

At TENA we are working towards improving knowledge and breaking the taboo that surrounds the discussion of bladder weakness. We work closely with professionals in Australia and around the world to ensure that we deliver accurate bladder weakness advice, design effective products such ensure that all users continue to be well served by our products.


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