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Understanding Incontinence

Being a smoker

Published by Suz Disher
Being a smoker

A smoker’s cough can be an indirect cause of leakage, mainly because of the frequency and abnormal violence involved in each cough. Over time, this can stretch and weaken the pelvic floor muscle, the hammock of muscle that sits between the pubic and tail bone and helps keep the bladder closed. Once weakened, its ability to keep the bladder closed, especially under pressure from a sharp cough, is drastically reduced.


Pelvic floor exercises should improve strength and continence.


Another factor for smokers is the increased risk of contracting circulatory diseases and the subsequent prescription of diuretic medicines which also increase the likelihood of leakage.


Addiction is difficult, but reducing or quitting smoking will go a long way to help continence issues as well as improving overall health.