Why you'll love our subscription service

All deliveries are sent in neutral packaging for your discretion.

We’ll deliver the products direct to you based on how often you need them.


Select your TENA Products

Shop as you usually do and add your TENA products to your basket. If subscription is available for that product, you will see the ‘recurring order’ option when adding the product to your basket.

Decide how often you would like your products

Select the frequency for delivery that best suits you. For example, if you usually order TENA Pants Plus every month, select ‘4 weeks’ as option for that product. Then checkout as you usually do.

Receive your TENA products and stop worrying about running out

The following month, your order of TENA Pants Plus will automatically be placed, and you will receive your delivery as requested. We are sure you have lots of other things to remember so let subscription from TENA take one thing off your list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription or a recurring order allows you to easily manage your regular orders from TENA. You never need worry about running out of your usual product as the orders will be placed automatically. You decide which products you need and how often you need them, and we do the rest! We want your shopping experience with TENA to be as easy and hassle-free as possible and by subscribing to your favourite TENA products, it doesn’t get any easier. Why not give it a try?

There is no cost to set up a subscription.

Yes, subscription is only available to registered users of TENA. To set up automatic ordering, we need to know all the details of your order and which card to use for the payment. These details are saved within your profile in TENA. It’s easy to set-up an account and only takes a minute or so.

Yes. It is easy to manage your subscriptions in your account. Log in to your TENA account and click on ‘My subscriptions’. From here, you can see all the products you have subscribed to. You can easily cancel a subscription by clicking on the ‘cancel’ button for that product subscription. If the order has not been placed, the next order and all future orders will be cancelled.

Yes. It is easy to manage your subscriptions in your account. Log in to your TENA account and click on ‘My subscriptions’. From here, you can see all the products you have subscribed to and the frequency of the automatic ordering/delivery of each product. You can easily change the date of delivery or frequency for a product subscription from this page. Click on the date and a pop-up box will appear, click on the date that would like to change the delivery to and this new date will be saved. If the order has not been placed, your order will move to this new delivery date. If you need to change your order quantity, use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the quantity. The quantity will be adjusted for your next order and if this results in a discount or offer on the day the order is placed, it will be applied to the order.

When you place your first order and sign-up to subscribe to a product, the card payment details that you used for that order are saved. On the day your subscription order is placed, the credit or debit card that was saved will be used for this order. The total amount of the order will be charged to the debit or credit card. 

Yes. You will receive an email letting you know that your automatic order will be placed in a few days. You do not need to do anything but if you want to cancel the order, you will need to do so quickly. Once the order is placed, your card will be charged, and the order cannot be cancelled.

This is up to you! Your subscription will run until you cancel the subscription. You will receive regular emails that keep you up to date on the progress of your automatic orders.

After you have placed your first order and set-up subscription, your next subscription order will be at the frequency you requested. So, if you set-up ‘monthly’, your first automatic order will be a month from the date of your first order. And you will keep receiving monthly deliveries until you amend or cancel the subscription.