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Incontinence in Men: Feel confident in social situations

Tips to discreetly manage male incontinence and feel secure at social events.
Published by Jane Granger
Incontinence in Men: Feel confident in social situations

The University of Griffith received 103 responses to a survey from men with urinary incontinence and found some avoided leisure and social activities as a coping strategy. Social interaction is a critical part of well-being so with a bit of forethought, there’s no reason to miss out.


Use an absorbent product
You may be managing without wearing protection at home, but when you’re out, an incontinence product for men may help you feel secure and avoid the potential embarrassment of an accident. Because they’re designed to quickly absorb and lock away fluid, you’re discreetly kept dry, comfortable and odour-free.


Choose the right product for the occasion
It’s not always appropriate to get up to go to the toilet, like at a wedding or concert. If you think you may be sitting for a while with no opportunity to slip out, consider a high absorbency male incontinence product.


Pack spare products
There are many ‘man bags’ available these days, ideal for phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses and a discreet way to have spare product at hand. Another option is to ask a female partner or friend to pop product in her bag, but accessing it needs to be pre-planned. If you don’t feel comfortable with either of those options, again, consider a more absorbent product such as TENA Men L4 Pants that will see you through the event without needing to change.

If you do decide to take extra products, disposing of used products can be problematic. Scented, opaque nappy disposal bags are available at most supermarkets. Once in the bag, drop into the bathroom waste bin or slip into your ‘man bag’ for disposal at home. Never attempt to flush products down the toilet – they will cause a blockage.

Look to see where the toilets are
You can do this on arrival or, if it’s a public venue, you can often find a map online. Check out ‘toilet locator’ apps and download one you like.

Be aware of your caffeine and alcohol intake
Caffeine and alcohol can irritate the bladder and trigger the urge to urinate. Some types of food may also exacerbate the issue.

With the right protection and a plan in place, there’s no reason to be concerned about leakage and every reason to enjoy the occasion.

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