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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Through Exercise

Learn where your pelvic floor is located and how to correctly strengthen these muscles with exercises.
Published by Suz Disher
Male and female strengthening pelvic floor muscle through exercise

By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through exercises, it can help to improve stress and urge incontinence. The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles that runs from your pubic bone to your tailbone and supports your bladder and urethra – as well as your rectum and vagina. Tightening the muscles holds back urine, wind and faeces. You should be able to feel them clench when you ‘hold on’.

There are many benefits to pelvic floor strengthening, you will increase the ability to hold urine back when you laugh, sneeze or cough or if you have a sudden and urgent need to go to the toilet.

Watch this short video on how to effectively perform daily pelvic floor muscle exercises to improve incontinence.