TENA Men Guard Level 3
  • TENA Men Guard Level 3
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TENA Men Guard Level 3

More than a cup

3 packs of 8 guards

Great all round protection


An incontinence pad for Men. The most absorbent in the TENA Men Guard range, this product is super absorbent and suitable for larger leaks and surges.

It’s just 11mm thin with a Secure Absorption Zone that quickly draws in and locks away fluid, keeping the surface dry and preventing odours from developing.

Like all TENA Men Guards, these are engineered to a masculine shape, tucking securely inside the front of regular firm-fitting underwear.

Each TENA Men Guard is individually wrapped.

Also available in lower absorbencies; Level 2 and Level 1.

    Recommended for
    • Key Points

      Moderate incontinence; tablespoons to half a cup

    • Key Points

      Frequent small losses when you can’t or don’t want to be changing every time

    • Key Points

      Overnight protection

    • Key Points

      Travelling or participating in sport

    • Key Points

      Everyday discreet protection Post prostate surgery or radiotherapy